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Chocolate: Good or Bad for you?

I’ve been on a journey. I’ve been searching. For reasons, excuses, justifications, to eat my favorite thing in the entire universe… Chocolate.

My dad’s pretty convinced that chocolate is good for you, and I’m inclined to agree, due to my passionate addiction to the thing. But, still… it’s chocolate. It can’t be THAT good for you, can it? I dug up some studies again, check it out!


  • Decreases the risk of strokes.Studies show that eating more than 2 chocolate bars a week (yes, that’s right.. MORE THAN two, I know it’s tough) led to a 20 percent decrease of strokes in women. Apparently chocolate has this thing called “flavonoids” that possesses some antioxidant properties that help fight strokes. Yay flavonoids! Gold star.
  • Reduces likelihood of heart attack and diabetes. In a study that included 144,000 people, those who downed the MOST chocolate had a 37 percent lower risk of heart disease and 31 percent reduced risk of diabetes. The reason why? Flavonoids. I think they’re my new best friend.
  • It helps with… math? Huh? Yeah, apparently those flavonoids carry blood up to your brain faster, which helps you figure out math problems. Keep that in mind for your next math test!
  • Can prevent certain types of cancer. Believe it or not, those flavonoids are even more beneficial to your health– they can prevent cancer! Apparently, the cocoa can block pathways involved in cell proliferation and, as a result, inhibit tumor formation.
  • Chocolate isn’t bad for your skin. Wait, really?? I was always one of those people that thought chocolate was horrible for your skin! Apparently, chocolate isn’t evil in the realm of break-outs.
  • It is a natural antidepressant. Well, that’s a given. Whenever I’m having a bad day, chocolate ALWAYS makes me feel better. It’s all chemistry: seratonin inside of the chocolate makes you feel less depressed. On top of that, most people (especially women, I’m guessing) release endorphins when they eat chocolate which results in happy happy fun feeling. Yay!

Now, everyone knows that chocolate (especially certain kinds) can contain a buttload of sugar, calories, and fat. My answer to that? Don’t go overboard. If you’re like me, that’s impossible to do… but I’ll say it anyways. Don’t go overboard. There. c:

Go eat some flavonoids!


About kungfoody

I’ve watched the movies. Seen the action. Winced at the violence, laughed at the subtitles. But I never thought I’d join the subculture of Chinese martial arts. When I finally did, two or three months ago with my husband, it was a lot different than I expected. What I expected were long laborious hours of training, sweating, crying, muscle pain, bleeding knuckles and the like. What I didn’t expect was that, along with all of those glorious side effects of pushing my body to its limits, I would become friends with my classmates, frequently bonding over the sacred fighting style of kung-fu/wushu, and religiously visiting different restaurants in the area for a celebratory dinner after practice. And so, the inspiration was born. “Kung-Foodie”; the martial arts/where to eat after a good work out blog.

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