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Revising Like a Kungfoody Master

Okay, so last time I lied. Kungfoody was obviously not up and running again.



However, it will be revamped. Since I haven’t had the time to devote to Wushu/Kung-fu practice.

Instead, since I recently have gotten a job with a natural medicine company, kungfoody will now feature the following:


Mondays: Health tip(s)

Tuesdays: Restaurant review

Wednesdays: Day of randomness (AKA: Just For Fun)

Thursdays: Exercise tip(s)

Fridays: “Featured News Chat”


** This schedule will be in effect starting next Wednesday since I will be finishing finals up like a madwoman, and Colin and I will be moving to Yakima.

Is that all? Yeah. I think.




Thank you to everyone who even reads this blog! c: iloveyou.


I wish.  ;0;


About kungfoody

I’ve watched the movies. Seen the action. Winced at the violence, laughed at the subtitles. But I never thought I’d join the subculture of Chinese martial arts. When I finally did, two or three months ago with my husband, it was a lot different than I expected. What I expected were long laborious hours of training, sweating, crying, muscle pain, bleeding knuckles and the like. What I didn’t expect was that, along with all of those glorious side effects of pushing my body to its limits, I would become friends with my classmates, frequently bonding over the sacred fighting style of kung-fu/wushu, and religiously visiting different restaurants in the area for a celebratory dinner after practice. And so, the inspiration was born. “Kung-Foodie”; the martial arts/where to eat after a good work out blog.

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