I’ve watched the movies. Seen the action. Winced at the violence, laughed at the subtitles. But I never thought I’d join the subculture of Chinese martial arts. When I finally did, in February of 2012 with my husband, it was a lot different from what I expected.

What I expected were long laborious hours of training, sweating, crying, muscle pain, bleeding knuckles and the like. What I didn’t expect was that, along with all of those glorious side effects of pushing my body to its limits, I would become friends with my classmates, frequently bonding over the sacred fighting style of kung-fu/wushu, and religiously visiting different restaurants in the area for a celebratory dinner after practice. And so, the inspiration was born. “KungFoody”; the martial arts/where to eat after a good work out blog.

Well, hi! My name’s Natalie. I live in Seattle, the city full of rain and coffee-lovers. I spend all of my time with my husband Colin, our cat “Bibi” (or “Zen” or “Mo-mo” or whatever we decide to call her for the week), hanging out with church and kung-fu friends, playing guitar, and thoroughly exhausting myself at the martial arts studio. Other things we enjoy are Dick’s hamburgers (Seattlites know what I’m talking about), chillin with grandma Barb, eating rice, traveling, and Japanese decor.


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