Revising Like a Kungfoody Master

Okay, so last time I lied. Kungfoody was obviously not up and running again.



However, it will be revamped. Since I haven’t had the time to devote to Wushu/Kung-fu practice.

Instead, since I recently have gotten a job with a natural medicine company, kungfoody will now feature the following:


Mondays: Health tip(s)

Tuesdays: Restaurant review

Wednesdays: Day of randomness (AKA: Just For Fun)

Thursdays: Exercise tip(s)

Fridays: “Featured News Chat”


** This schedule will be in effect starting next Wednesday since I will be finishing finals up like a madwoman, and Colin and I will be moving to Yakima.

Is that all? Yeah. I think.




Thank you to everyone who even reads this blog! c: iloveyou.


I wish.  ;0;


Wushu Weekend!

There is a lot to write about this week, and that’s a bummer. Why? Because there’s not enough time in the day to write about it.


Weapon-wielding wushu starts in level two!

GUESS WHAT?! This Sunday, Colin and I will be taking our LEVEL ONE WUSHU TEST! If we pass this test, we will be in level two wushu. Level two consists of weapon fighting and, wait for it…


Wicked cool, huh?

It has been a long-time coming, and I have been bike-riding, stretching, working on my endurance and flexibility, in hopes of passing this test on Sunday.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers! I’ve always wanted to accomplish something–something involving my physical body– so hopefully this is it!

Stay tuned for results and photo/vid updates.

Fasting, Daniel Style

Diet? Nah.

Working out? Ehh.. maybe.

Fasting/changing the way you eat… I guess I can try that.

So, my friend Jacky and I tried this thing called the “Daniel Fast”, where you only eat whole grains, fruit and vegetables for a while. It was tough–I had to give up my routine of two chocolate bars every night, but I have one thing to say:


Mixed greens with balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Here are some of the things I noticed about my body after two weeks of fasting:

  • More energy. I didn’t feel bogged down by extra calories, fat, sugar like I normally did. Who knew that living like a vegan felt so good?
  • Less cravings. Okay, so the first week was the hardest. But after toughin it out, I lost my desire to eat fatty, high-calorie foods (and, yes, even chocolate)!
  • Boosts creativity in the kitchen. While on the Daniel fast, you can’t eat A LOT of the foods that you normally eat in a day. A lot of “pop-em-in-the-microwave-and-you’re-good-to-go” meals don’t work. Ergo, you have to get creative. Pull out those cook books! Learn how to make a meal!
  • Habit-forming. My fast ended on Wednesday, and I am finding that it is easier to eat smaller portions of better food! When we go out to burgers, I don’t want one. When we have chocolate lying around… well, it’s still a struggle, but not as bad as before! Getting yourself on a routine for a couple weeks helps your body slide into a better habit of eating–a healthier lifestyle!
Whole grain pita, hummus, almonds, snap peas, strawberries, carrots 
Duration of the fast:
  • 21 days is the norm. Jacky and I did it for 2 weeks (we both work out quite a bit, so it was hard not too eat massive amounts of protein), but the actual fast requires you to do it for 21 days.
History of the fast:
  • Daniel from the Old Testament Bible. A lot of my Bible-junky friends will know good ol’ Daniel. He was a prophet in the olden days. The king asked him and his friends to eat for a king’s feast, but Daniel didn’t want to gorge himself on the royal delicacies. Instead, he asked the king if he could eat what HIS people eat for 21 days (anyone  have a reference? Elder Ed?), and if he was still in good condition, if not BETTER condition than the royal court, than he would eat like this while living in the king’s palace. At the end of the 21 days, he was strong and healthy, and therefore able to eat like his people. Isn’t that touching? ;~;
Whole grain burritos with black beans, brown rice, and salsa, strawberries, avocado
What foods can you eat? (Information pulled from The Daniel Fast blog)
  • All fruits. These can be fresh, frozen, dried, juiced or canned. Fruits include but are not limited to apples, apricots, bananas, blackberries, blueberries, boysenberries, cantaloupe, cherries, cranberries, figs, grapefruit, grapes, guava, honeydew melon, kiwi, lemons, limes, mangoes, nectarines, oranges, papayas, peaches, pears, pineapples, plums, prunes, raisins, raspberries, strawberries, tangelos, tangerines, watermelon
  • All vegetables. These can be fresh, frozen, dried, juiced or canned. Vegetables include but are not limited to artichokes, asparagus, beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, chili peppers, collard greens, corn, cucumbers, eggplant, garlic, ginger root, kale, leeks, lettuce, mushrooms, mustard greens, okra, onions, parsley, potatoes, radishes, rutabagas, scallions, spinach, sprouts, squashes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, turnips, watercress, yams, zucchini, veggie burgers are an option if you are not allergic to soy.
  • All whole grains, including but not limited to whole wheat, brown rice, millet, quinoa, oats, barley, grits, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat tortillas, rice cakes and popcorn.
  • All nuts and seeds, including but not limited to sunflower seeds, cashews, peanuts, sesame. Also nut butters including peanut butter.
  • All legumes. These can be canned or dried. Legumes include but are not limited to dried beans, pinto beans, split peas, lentils, black eyed peas, kidney beans, black beans, cannellini beans, white beans.
  • All quality oils including but not limited to olive, canola, grape seed, peanut, and sesame.
  • Beverages: spring water, distilled water or other pure waters.
  • Other: tofu, soy products, vinegar, seasonings, salt, herbs and spices.
Foods you SHOULDN’T eat:
  • All meat and animal products including but not limited to beef, lamb, pork, poultry, and fish.
  • All dairy products including but not limited to milk, cheese, cream, butter, and eggs.
  • All sweeteners including but not limited to sugar, raw sugar, honey, syrups, molasses, and cane juice.
  • All leavened bread including Ezekiel Bread (it contains yeast and honey) and baked goods.
  • All refined and pr ocessed food products including but not limited to artificial flavorings, food additives, chemicals, white rice, white flour, and foods that contain artificial preservatives.
  • All deep fried foods including but not limited to potato chips, French fries, corn chips.
  • All solid fats including shortening, margarine, lard and foods high in fat.
  • Beverages including but not limited to coffee, tea, herbal teas, carbonated beverages, energy drinks, and alcohol. 
In other words… NO TO THIS STUFF:
Most baked things are VERY bad!
Well… bad FOR you. .-.

  • Go easy. If you can’t handle one of the rules, be flexible with yourself. For example, Jacky and I didn’t follow the “no leavened bread” rule–it was a little too difficult. Maybe someday we can try the EXTREME Daniel fast, but for now, just do what is comfortable!
  • Replace desserts with fruits. Instead of ice cream or chocolate at night, I ate frozen blueberries. Now, I prefer them over junk food!
  • Fast with a friend. Jacky and I kept each other accountable by sending pictures of our meals to each other. Not only does it keep you in check, it gives you ideas about what to eat for the next meal!
Let me know if you try this out! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment on this post and I’ll respond!
Ready, set… FAST!

Kungfoody= Up and running

After a random couple month break, I’ve decided to revive kungfoody.

Stay tuned for updates and exciting stuff!

Here’s a picture.

Isaac will most likely be joining Colin and I for wushu starting today. It’s not karate, but I think it’ll do the trick.

Don’t worry. He doesn’t have the Paul Bunyan beard anymore.

Snake Style Kung Fu

You’ve witnessed the power of the tiger. The accuracy of the mantis. The balance of the crane… And now…

You will encounter the SPEED of the SNAKE!


This movie is INCREDIBLE. I thought I knew what was going to happen, but I was shocked by the outcome. What do you think will happen? Do you think the kung-fu lady’s strike will be slower, as fast, or faster than the strike of a snake?

(About three minutes in is when the action starts)

8D *is a kung-fu nerd*

*but not as much as my husband, who’s watching a weird kung-fu movie behind me as I write this*

On-The-Go Health Tips

I’ve been busy. Like, out-of-my-mind, making-myself-sick, I’m-tired-all-the-time busy. Like, so busy, it makes me feel like this:

Something that I noticed during all of my business is this: It’s INCREDIBLY hard to eat/do healthy things while living life on-the-go! So… *fanfare*


Classy tea-drinkers

  1. If anything, drink a glass (or two) of water before ANYTHING in the morning. Water is incredibly necessary to the human body. I wake up almost every morning lightheaded, and now I know why. Apparently, while you’re sleeping, you lose a lot of oxygen in your blood. Drinking water first thing in the morning will help you feel energized throughout the rest of your day! And, if you’re like me, it’ll make you pee like Wimbleton!
  2. Grab HEALTHY snacks on your way out the door. Instead of grabbing a bag of chips and a soda before leaving the house (or the supermarket, or the gas station, what have you), snag yourself a healthy snack. A glorious apple. A scrumptious orange. These things will, in the long-run, keep you healthier than if you, say, chose a bag of gummy worms at the stop-n-shop.
  3. Exercise wherever you go. One of the benefits of a life on-the-go is that there are PLENTY of opportunities to exercise. Like my previous post said, there are MANY little ways you can burn calories throughout the day without even breaking a sweat! If you have an office job, get up and walk every 30 minutes. If you don’t have that option, park further away than usual and get that booty walking!
  4. Drink tea instead of coffee. I can’t deny me a Starbucks in the morning! Wanna hear something horrible, though? Most of the coffee you drink from Starbucks (especially mochas and frappachinos) can be FULL of calories! Instead, develop a taste for tea. These days, there are SO many flavors, you should definitely find one that you can at least sip on. Mine is a Tazo chai with a little cream and sugar (not the chai tea latte, which is sadly full of sugar).
  5. Breathe. … Eh. Really, Nat? Breathe? YES. Sometimes, breathing deeply is the best thing you can do for your little blood cells! Every once in a while (meaning: when you remember), take a few minutes to focus on your breathing. Breathe in for five seconds, hold it for a few seconds, and then let it go slowly. Do this a few times, and you’d be doing your body a favor!

Alright, there. Now, go be healthy!

Quotes a la Panda

I’m feeling pretty under the weather today, after a nice, long, complicated week of school. My husband tucked me in to the couch, peeled me an orange, and put in a movie… GUESS WHAT MOVIE IT WAS??

Yep, you guessed correctly: the best movie of all time. Kung Fu Panda 2 stars Jack Black as the voice of Po, a chubby and adorable panda oddly gifted in the ways of martial arts. Naturally, he has his own style.

Po is actually my inspiration for this website. So listen up! He’s got some things to say to you:

Kung Fu Panda (2008)

  • Po: You wanna get something to eat?
    Shifu: [sighing] … Yeah.
  • Tai Lung: The Wuxi finger hold!
    Po: Oh, you know this hold?
    Tai Lung: You’re bluffing. You’re bluffing! Shifu didn’t teach you that.
    Po: Nope. I figured it out. Skadoosh!
  • Tigress: It is said that the Dragon Warrior can go for months without eating, surviving on the dew of a single ginko leaf and the energy of the universe.
    Po: Then I guess my body doesn’t know I’m the Dragon Warrior yet. It’s gonna take a lot more than dew, and, uh, universe juice.
  • Po: The Furious Five! You look a lot bigger than your action figures! Except you, Mantis. You’re about the same.
  • Oogway: [walking towards Po] Ah! I see that you have found the Sacred Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom!
    Po: [Po turns around with a lot of peaches stuffed in his mouth] Oh! Is that what this is? I’m so sorry! I just thought it was a regular peach tree!
  • Po: [after being hit in the crotch] Oh! My tenders!
  • Tai Lung: Who are you?
    Po: Buddy, I… am the Dragon Warrior!
    [bows over, panting from the stairs]
    Tai Lung: [incredulous] You?
    Tai Lung: He’s a panda! You’re a panda! What are you gonna do, big guy? Sit on me?
    Po: Don’t tempt me.
Kung Fu Panda 2 (2010)
  • Po: My fist hungers for justice!
    [his stomach belches]
    Po: That was my… fist.
  • Shen: How did you find peace? I took away your parents, everything, I scarred you for life…
    Po: See that’s the thing, Shen, scars heal.
    Shen: No they don’t… *wounds* heal.
    Po: Oh, yeah… what do scars do? They fade, I guess…
    Shen: I don’t care what scars do…!
  • Tigress: I hope this turns out better than your plan to cook rice in your stomach by eating it raw and then drinking boiling water…
    Po: This is nothing like that plan.
    Tigress: How so?
    Po: Because this one is gonna work.
  • Wolf Boss: [as they’re fighting] Is that all you got? Cause it feels like I’m fighting a big old floppy cloud!
    Po: Well this cloud is about bring a thunder!
-sigh- He’s my hero. c:

**For more quotes (and a better quality of life), watch the movies!

Tiger Style Kung Fu

Installment number four of my impromptu “Imitative Boxing” series (ahahah.. ha) is TIGER STYLE KUNG FU! Or, as this guy likes to say, “Tig-uh” style! Check it.

Ferocity and power make this style of kung-fu incredible to watch! Wouldn’t want to pick a guy with this fight!

… Or a fight with this guy.

Anyway! Fight Science, man. It’s killer stuff! And with tiger style kung-fu, that’s literal! 8D

Fast-Foody Review: Roxy’s Diner

Not sure who the bald guy is… but the burgers are good.

I just realized how often I go out for “celebratory burgers.” Last week, we celebrated Colin’s late birthday with Red Mill. This time? Jacky and I celebrated the end of our Debate by going out to Roxy’s Diner. Burger+Fries+Honey Cream soda=Massive food baby… but WOOWHEE, it was worth it!

Here we go!

The Burger- AKA the “Roxy Basic Burger… with cheese.” I’ve tasted a lot of burgers (as you all probably have figured out by now), but I don’t think anything has come up against this burger in amazingness. I’d even say it contests with Dick’s burger… just a bit more “gourmet” then my fast-food fellow, the “Dick’s special.” Unlike Red Mill, this burger wasn’t greasy at all! No dribble-age. Fatty meat patty. Good sauce. Straight yumminess.

The Fries–  Kay, normally I just review the burger, but Roxy’s fries are superb. They’re so crispy, they make you wanna sing happy songs for the entire rest of the day!! Maybe that’s just me… but they are pretty delicious.

The Soda– I went to order a Thomas-Kemper Cream Soda and guess what… THEY RAN OUT! WAAH! But no big deal, they said they had this new soda called “Honey Cream.” I decided to give it a shot. And was glad I did. I now will be forever haunted by the flavor of this mouth-watering, calorie- and sugar-packed bottled drink. Haunted, I tell you.

*** Keep in mind that this diner is pretty busy ALL THE TIME, but mostly during lunch hours. They also serve breakfast, and I heard it’s pretty epic. So try it out and let me know!

Fremont Location-

  • 462 N 36th St Seattle, WA 98101 (206) 381-8800

Just For Fun

It’s been like “catastrophe” day over in this neck of the woods. Sorry about the lack-of-blogage folks! Family business going down.

This sure got me in a good mood, though!:

And now you know how to be a panda. =DD